Permits and Plan Review



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Permit Fee Schedule (effective 9/5/2017)

Blasting:  $60.00

Tents (100 or more occupants):  $50.00

Pyrotechnics/Special Effects:  $50.00

Special events, carnivals, fairs:  $50.00

**Fees do not include State of Connecticut mandated fees or charges** 


Plan Review Fee Schedule (effective 9/5/2017)

Plan Review Fee: $7.00 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost

**Fee does not include State of Connecticut mandated fees or charges** 

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2020:

All building plans submitted to the Fire Marshal's Office must be submitted in digital .PDF format. Please send electronic plans to

Any construction project requiring a building permit within the Town of South Windsor – with the exception of one and two-family residential buildings – requires a separate plan review by the Fire Marshal’s Office. When applying for a building permit at Town Hall, a separate set of plans must be submitted specifically for the Fire Marshal’s Office. Plans should include a complete set of building plans along with any fire alarm drawings and fire protection system drawings. All fees must be paid at the time of submittal.
Our responsibility and authority to conduct plan reviews is derived from the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, Section 29-292-4e.