Zoning Applications and Forms

Zoning Fees

Home Occupation (Section 7.11)
Home Occupation Application Form

Signs (Section 6.5)
Temporary Sign Permit Application Commercial
Temporary Sign Permit Application Civic Nonprofit

Permanent Sign Permit Application 

Inlaw / Accessory Apartment (Section 7.1)
InLaw Apartment Within Existing Dwelling Application Form
Detached InLaw Apartment OR Accessory Apartment Application Form


Roadside Farmstand (Section 7.8)
Temporary Roadside Farm Stand Permit

Mobile Food Vendor (Table 4.1.1A)
Mobile Food Vendor Matrix
Roadside Vendor Application


Outdoor Dining Permit (Section 7.15)
Outdoor Dining Permit Application


Home Animal Agriculture (Section 7.12 and Section 3.2.G)
Home Animal Agriculture Application


Zoning Compliance for Small Structures (sheds & detached decks 200 sqft or smaller)
Application Form

Temporary Health Care Structures (SB-922)
State of CT General Assembly Substitute Bill No. 922
Application Form


Zoning Complaint Form
Complaint Form