South Windsor's Recycling Program

Single Stream Recycling

South Windsor Bi-Weekly Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling is a system in which all recyclables – fiber (newspapers, cardboard, mixed paper, catalogs, magazine, and junk mail) and containers (glass, steel, aluminum, and plastic) are placed, unsorted, in one larger recycling cart and then sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a regional recycling center.

Advantages of Single Stream Recycling

  • Convenient for residents – the larger wheeled recycling cart will permit the comingling of paper and cardboard with the other recyclables.
  • The carts reduce litter and contamination because they have lids that seal tightly.
  • Single stream recycling promotes increased recycling which results in the greater conservation of material resources and reduces the use of raw materials.
  • Increased recycling means less refuse delivered to energy recovery facilities or to out-of-state landfills for disposal.
  • Easier recycling means greater residential participation that drives up recycling rates and reduces waste disposal thereby lowering costs to municipalities and homeowners.
  • The bi-weekly automated collection of recyclables will mean more efficient routes may be scheduled thereby reducing truck traffic and emissions, and fuel consumption.
The orange bins are not recyclable. Do not put them in the blue containers.
Old bins can be put in the trash can or they can be left out for bulky pickup.


Recycling Documents

2020 Recycling Collection Schedule

Acceptable and Nonacceptable Materials & Material Preparation Flyer

2020 Electronics Recycling Schedule


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