Emergency Management

The South Windsor Office of Emergency Management is designated as the Town's Civil Preparedness Agency and was established under the authority of Chapter 26 of the Town Charter by Town Ordinance 26-2. In accordance with the Town Charter, the Civil Preparedness Agency shall ensure the complete and efficient utilization of all the Town's facilities to combat disaster resulting from enemy actions or other disasters and will be responsible for coordinating all activity in connection with civil preparedness.

The Office of Emergency Management operates based on the principals set forth within the FEMA document entitled, "A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management". This approach enables our first responders, emergency management team members, and other governmental agencies the ability to collaborate with and work alongside of non-governmental organizations, the public and private sectors, civic groups, and other local stakeholders within our community to formulate a comprehensive emergency management program. This enables South Windsor to simultaneously plan for all phases of emergency management: prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. The goal is to develop a comprehensive and efficient overall program. From this, South Windsor will be more resilient.

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Assistant Town Manager / Public Safety, Emergency Management & Technology