Our office is responsible for inspecting all buildings within the Town of South Windsor as outlined by the CT State Fire Safety Code and the CT Fire Prevention Code, with the exception of one and two-family residential buildings. The frequency of inspections varies by the type of occupancy and ranges from annual (Residential, Assembly, etc.) to every 4 years. Occupancies may be inspected more frequently at our discretion. Buildings under construction may be inspected at any time throughout the construction process.
Items we look for during inspections include but are not limited to: adequate number of exits; adequate exiting capacity; blocked/locked exits; proper maintenance of exits; adequate aisle widths; up-to-date service records for fire alarm systems, fire protection systems and fire extinguishers; adequate number of smoke alarms and proper smoke alarm placement; working smoke alarms; working emergency lights and illuminated exit signs; safe storage practices; unobstructed sprinkler heads; proper use of extension cords and multi-plug adapters; adequate clearance around boilers, furnaces, and water heaters; acceptable interior finishes and decorations; acceptable secondary means of escape from bedrooms; and much more.
For more detailed lists what our inspections entail, visit the Downloads page to download an inspection checklist.

Our authority and responsibility to conduct building inspections is derived from Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 541, Section 29-305, which states:

      Sec. 29-305. (Formerly Sec. 29-52). Inspections by local fire marshals. Reports. Schedule of inspections. (a) Each local fire marshal and the State Fire Marshal, for the purpose of satisfying themselves that all pertinent statutes and regulations are complied with, may inspect in the interests of public safety all buildings, facilities, processes, equipment, systems and other areas regulated by the Fire Safety Code and the State Fire Prevention Code within their respective jurisdictions.
      (b) Each local fire marshal shall inspect or cause to be inspected, at least once each calendar year or as often as prescribed by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to subsection (e) of this section, in the interests of public safety, all buildings and facilities of public service and all occupancies regulated by the Fire Safety Code within the local fire marshal's jurisdiction, except residential buildings designed to be occupied by one or two families which shall be inspected, upon complaint or request of an owner or occupant, only for the purpose of determining whether the requirements specified in said codes relative to smoke detection and warning equipment have been satisfied.