Demolition Delay Committee

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Mission Statement:

The Town of South Windsor has a stated goal to preserve and protect significant buildings and structures which constitute or reflect distinctive features of our town’s architectural, cultural, economic, political, or social history and to limit the detrimental effect on community character and heritage that may result from the demolition of such buildings and structures.

The Demolition Delay Ordinance was enacted to promote the preservation of architecturally and historically significant buildings by delaying demolition for a period of time (up to 180 days from the date of the application) to enable consideration of any viable alternatives to demolition, including preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, relocation, or detailed recordation.

A Notice to Interested Parties on Being Notified of Future Demolition Applications

The Demolition Delay Committee shall mail copies of the “Notice of Intent to Demolish” by Certified Mail with Return Receipt to any person, organization, firm, corporation, or other entity who has requested, in writing, from the Town Building Official copies of any such notices filed pursuant to Demolition Delay ordinance.

To sign up for this notification, please send your written request to Building Department, Town of South Windsor, 1540 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, CT 06074. This written request must be renewed annually every January.

Please email the Demolition Delay Committee by clicking this link if you have questions, comments, or concerns.


NameTitleTerm Expires
Arthur Utay


12/31/21 U

Elizabeth Burgess


12/31/21 D

Sandra Jeski


12/31/20 D

Kevin Greer


12/31/20 R

Tim Shepard


12/31/20 R