Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is comprised of investigators who have received extensive, specialized training in a variety of fields. This unit investigates complex and time-consuming cases such as death investigations, robberies, burglaries, large financial crime investigations, child and adult sex assaults, internet crimes, shooting investigations, narcotics, larcenies and arson investigations.

This unit is comprised of three investigators, one of whom specializes in child sex crimes. One narcotics investigator assigned to the East Central Narcotics Task Force, and one digital forensic investigator who will be assigned full time to the CT Center for Digital Investigations in the spring of 2018 are also a part of the Investigations Unit. Additionally, falling under the command of this unit are two officers with extensive, specialized training in Arson Investigations. Investigators work closely with surrounding town investigators, as many large-scale investigations in this unit often cross town and state lines.

Detectives are always willing to accept confidential tips from anyone with any crime related information involving South Windsor and/or surrounding towns.

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Detective / Youth Service Officer




Detective / Computer Crimes