About the Health Department

The principal services provided by the department are:

  • Inspections of various establishments to ensure safety and sanitation, including: restaurants, food stores, mobile food vendors, temporary events where food is served, assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, day cares, schools, and public pools.
  • Environmental health plan reviews, permitting, and inspections; of food service establishments, subsurface sewage systems, and water supply wells.
  • B100a reviews for building additions, building conversions, changes in use, or accessory structures.
  • Investigation of a wide range of environmental complaints that affect the health and safety of residents in the community.
  • Dissemination of health information and brochures.
  • Administration of immunization clinics for community members.

In addition, the health department serves to:

  • Enforce public health and safety regulations per Connecticut Public Health Code.
  • Advocate for changes in public policy relating to health.
  • Prepare for and develop response strategies for natural disasters and other public health emergencies.
  • Protect the public against the spread of communicable diseases.
  • Promote healthy living and disease prevention strategies.
  • Educate residents about the benefits of nutrition and exercise.
  • Gather and analyze data on the community’s health to determine risks and problems.