Current Facilities Projects

Town Garage Bay Alterations-The Town Garage will soon be soliciting bids for alterations to one of the truck bays that will be made into a heated workshop.  Plans have been drawn and specifications have been written for this project.  A legal ad with bidding information will be posted in the coming weeks.   

Elevator Replacement Town Hall-Plans and bid specifications have been completed and are ready to be posted.  Once funds have been allocated a bid notice will go out to the public. Thsi proejct is expected to take several months. A handicapped accessible ramp will be provided at the main entrance of the Town Hall. Parking spaces will be made available in the upper lot for those needing access to the ramp.

Library Roof Replacement-The Library roof replacement will commence sometime this spring when the weather permits the coatings time they need to properly dry.  This project isn't really a replacement as much as it is a refurbishment.  The existing roof will stay in place and a two part polyurea coating system will be appplied over the roof.   This system is much less expensive than the standard "rip and replace" rubber membrane roofing system and extends the entire roof warranty for another 20 years just like a standard replacement roofing system.

HVAC Upgrades Police Department and Community Center-This project was kicked off last summer when Eversource brought natural gas to both the Police Deaprtment and the Community Center.  Funds were also allocated at that time to replace several oil fired boilers, a cooling tower and several heat pumps at both locations. The demolishion of two domestic hot water boilers has begun at the Community Center.  Natural gas fired boilers are currently on order, they will be intalled, commissioned and started before the end of April.  The cooling tower for the Community Center is also on order, it too will be installed once it arrives.