Citizens Matching Mini-Grant Program

The South Windsor Citizens Matching Mini-Grant Program

The intent of this matching grant program is to:

  1. Encourage the investment of private dollars to support and fund small-scale projects and programs that will benefit or enhance the Town of South Windsor and its citizenry.
  2. Provide a formal method for private money and matching Town funds to be applied toward a small-scale public project or program that will benefit the Town of South Windsor and its citizenry.
  3. Create and fund a Town account that can grow from year to year in the event the designated dollars from prior year budgets are not applied to a current project or program.

Criteria for projects or programs:

The following criteria represent the types of projects or programs for which the Town Council may approve matching funds under this Program.

  1. The creation of a new physical asset for use by and benefit of Town citizens.
    1. Some examples could be a new building or structure, a piece of sculpture for public display or a new walking trail.
  2. A project that adds to, improves or renovates an existing physical asset of the Town.
    1. Some examples are lights for a ball field, annex to a Town building, an additional piece of equipment for a park or playground or the extension of an existing walking trail.
  3. Any project intended to enhance or beautify an existing physical asset of the Town.
    1. Examples are drapery, paint or wallpaper, new plantings in existing flowerbeds, murals in or out of buildings, improved sound system, scoreboard or lighting.
  4. The creation of certain programs or programming or other items.
    1. Examples could be the creation of training programs or computer programs, a stage production for community viewing.  Generally something requiring creativity.


  1. The project must be approved by the Town Council.
  2. Required Town funds must be available at the time of the approval.
  3. The project itself must meet the criteria as listed above.
  4. The Town reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject applications that, in the opinion of the Town Manager, Town Attorney and Town Council, do not meet the intent and criteria of the Program.

Requirements and priorities:

  1. A Citizens Matching Mini-Grant Application must be completed and approved by the Town Manager and Town Attorney before the Town Council can consider approval of the project or program.
  2. If your application supports the work of South Windsor Public Schools, the signatures of the Building Principal and Superintendent of Schools are needed in order for your submission to be eligible for consideration.
  3. The project or program may have been started prior to Town Council approval but will not be funded unless and until it is approved by the Town Council.
  4. Projects deemed eligible will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. The Town Council may choose to fund projects at various levels but generally not more than 50% of the entire project cost.
  6. All money required for the complete project, excluding any matching funds approved by the Town Council, must be raised and in hand (not merely pledged) before any Town money is dispersed.
  7. The Town Council will set deadlines by which date all funding must be raised and the project completed to the satisfaction of the Town.  Failure to meet these deadlines may result in loss or suspension of funding.
  8. The value of in-kind services must be agreed to prior to using such calculations in any funding arrangement under this Program.
  9. Where in-kind services are utilized, a performance schedule linking disbursement of Town funds to the performance of these services must be approved by the Town as a prerequisite for funding.
  10. The maximum grant amount that may be requested per project is $5,000 regardless of match percentage.
  11. The Town Attorney will review each project or program for liability concerns and compliance with State laws regarding financial contributions by local governments, as well as any potential liability imposed upon the Town.
  12. Match items can be donated professional services; donated materials or supplies; and volunteer labor or cash.  Professional services are valued at the “reasonable and customary rate”.
  13. Assistance from Town staff, other Town funds, or time spent preparing the grant application or fundraising cannot be counted as match.
  14. Professionals or volunteers who donate their services as part of the match cannot be compensated with Volunteer Support Program money.
  15. Extension of the agreed upon project time limit must be requested by the applicant in writing prior to the expiration of the time limit.  Budget extensions are subject to approval.
  16. Property owner and business owner if commercial property, must agree to follow Design Team recommendations.
  17. Proposal must meet Town of South Windsor Design Guidelines.
  18. Proposal must meet all Town permitting regulations.

Click Here for the South Windsor Citizens Matching Mini-Grant Program Application