About the Economic Development Commission


The South Windsor Economic Development Commission was established in 1956 to promote new business and industry in South Windsor. We continue to foster a competitive business environment both locally and nationally. We remain committed to the vision of South Windsor as an attractive location for new businesses, and to focus on the retention of our existing businesses, the core of our community.

South Windsor is an excellent illustration of a traditional New England community. We are a “vibrant, progressive community in the heart of the State’s Capitol Region”. South Windsor is easily accessible to I-91, I-84, I-291, and I-384, as well as Bradley International Airport. We recognize the need to balance our commercial and residential areas. While there has been appreciable growth both in the business and residential areas we need to continue “to create an environment with our Town leaders and government working together.” We need to be consistent in maintaining a quality of life for all.

The Economic Development Commission actively promotes the Buckland and I-291 Gateway areas for commercial mixed-use development. We are now working to assist in the development of new industrial areas such as the South Windsor Technologies Center on Sullivan Avenue and Executive Business Park off North Nutmeg Road and Governors Highway. Our road system has undergone some major restructuring and improvements this past year and upcoming improvements to Rye Street and its intersection with Sullivan Avenue will further enhance our infrastructure. 

The Economic Development Commission is an advocate for quality development, endorsing and recruiting great projects that bring revenue and a higher quality of life for all residents of town. 2008 saw the completion of a brand new 500,000 square foot regional headquarters and distribution center for Aldi Inc., an international grocery store chain.  The $60 million investment will create over 150 jobs and easily make Aldi one of the Town’s top taxpayers. The successful Wentworth Park development, an office condominium that enabled the expansion or retention of fifteen businesses ranging from hair stylists to investment advisors gained approval for a second phase that will provide additional opportunity for small business expansion. Evergreen Walk has taken great steps to demonstrate its community value as a second medical arts building has been added to the Eastern Community Health Network campus and a third has been approved. Evergreen Walk Associates is expanding other areas of the project site having received approval for a new mixed-use phase of the project that will include upscale rental apartments, professional offices, personal services, and restaurants. Several existing businesses have also announced or completed expansion projects that have significantly added to the business climate and grand list. The Commission has been proud to recommend tax incentives to all type of businesses this year ranging from a landscaping business that built a new facility to a state of the art metal recycling company that intends to build a new 40,000 square foot facility and open up new industrial lots along Governor’s Highway. The Economic Development was also proud to be recognized by CNN and Money Magazine as one the 25 best places for an affordable home.

The Commission continues to implement South Windsor’s strategy to ensure a future of balanced growth and a high quality of life for businesses, residents, and visitors.