Special Needs Registry Program

The Town of South Windsor has established a registry of persons who wish to inform first responders (police, fire, medical) and emergency management of their special needs or circumstances. Providing information is voluntary and individuals must qualify under the established criteria below in order to be included in the registry.

Special Needs: For the purpose of this program, a person with special needs is a person who meets at least one of the following conditions:

(a) Residential Restrictions: Mobility, cognitive, or health restrictions which put the person at heightened risk when he/she is without power, communications, special care, or other resources for a period greater than 24 hours (such as during a major storm or prolonged power shortage).

(b) Response Concerns: Special conditions that may hinder communication or make the resident appear hostile, uncooperative, or confused when first responders have contact with him/her. This encompasses disabilities, mental health issues, and any other condition which significantly impacts a person’s life and ability to relate to others in an emergency.

(c) Disorientation/Runaway: Various cognitive/intellectual disabilities, conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, etc., which may hinder a person’s ability to identify himself/herself or find his/her way home should he/she find himself/herself away from his/her residence and alone. This category is also used for juveniles who are frequent runaways.

Special Needs Registry Application and Process - Upon completion of the registration form (link below), it must be forwarded to the Youth & Victim Services Unit at 151 Sand Hill Rd, South Windsor CT 06074 for recording on the registry. 

Applicants are also be encouraged to register for the town-wide Everbridge Emergency Alert Notification System by following this link: https://www.southwindsor-ct.gov/everbridge

Vehicle operators on the autism spectrum are encouraged to participate in the Blue Envelope program sponsored by the Connecticut Police Chiefs' Association (CPCA) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Envelopes are available at the police department and DMV.  For more information: https://portal.ct.gov/DMV/Licenses/Licenses/Autism-awareness

Questions may be directed to the Youth and Victim Services Manager at 860-644-2551


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