Press Release - Town-Wide Mask Mandate Effective January 9, 2022

The Town of South Windsor is joining our other municipal regional partners of Hartford, West Hartford, Bloomfield and East Windsor in issuing a community-wide mask mandate. The mandate is for indoor public places, which includes anywhere that persons from different households are in the same space. Residential dwellings are exempt; however, residents are strongly advised to wear a mask any time they are indoors with persons who are not part of their own household. The order also includes exemptions for persons unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, children under the age of two and persons who are eating or drinking at a table. The order will be lifted when the community is in the yellow category, which is 5-9 cases per 100,000 per day, for a two-week period or Executive Order 13a expires.

Over the last few weeks, we have watched the Covid-19 cases more than double in South Windsor. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Town of South Windsor has been committed to following the guidance of experts, data and the numbers. With the rapid increase over the last couple of weeks, it is our obligation to act now before Covid-19 shuts down our economy, schools and further affects the health of our community. While we understand there is significant political rhetoric around COVID-19 and wearing masks, we are committed to the health safety and welfare of South Windsor as demonstrated by the data and advised by experts.

Moreover, the Town is launching an initiative to support local businesses, their employees and residents by requiring masks in their stores. The Town has launched an online portal for local businesses to requests masks and PPE from the Town for their employees. All they need to do is go to to make their request.

Over the last week, the Town of South Windsor has undertaken a targeted deployment of test kits and masks to the community. On Monday, the Town distributed 1400 tests kits on a first come first serve basis, 250 test kits to the Board of Education and 250 test kits through the Human Services Department for targeted deployment for medically fragile and underserved residents. At the same time, the Town distributed 100,000 masks to residents throughout the community. On Thursday, the Town provided an additional 390 test kits through the Human Services Department, 70 kits to South Windsor Senior Housing and 326 kits & 960 masks to daycare providers across town. The Town of South Windsor continues the deployment of masks through the Human Services Department for residents.

The Town of South Windsor is taking the threat of COVID-19 serious and is taking action to stop the spread in our community in order to protect our economy and children. Through these efforts, we will again prove why South Windsor is the best place to live, work and grow in the State of Connecticut.