Leaf Collection Program

Current Information

Leaf Collection 2019

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Note: Weather conditions or equipment breakdowns may cause the collection schedule to begin either earlier or later than projected.

Leaf Districts are not the same as Voting, School, Snow Removal, or Police Patrol Districts. Please check the list on this page for your leaf district.

Leaf Collection will begin, weather permitting,October 28, 2019.  There will be crews in all 4 Districts throughout the Program. There will be two passes made in each District.

Residents with leaves to dispose of after the 2nd pass can drop them off at the composting facility on Burgess Road.


Do's and Don'ts

Do - Pile leaves on the snow shelf or edge of your property.

Do - Keep children and pets away from the equipment as we pass through your neighborhood.  Be patient.  We cannot predicate exactly when we will be on your street or at your house.  Weather, equipment issues and manpower can alter the schedule.  We do our best to communicate through our web page, Facebook and the hotline to keep you current of our approximate location and schedules.

Don't - Pile sticks/twigs/branches/logs in your leaf pile.  Branches and brush can clog the feed tube causing a shut down of the crew to clear the clog.  This requires taking apart some of the equipment.  Logs can damage the vacuum impeller and damage or destroy the machine.  It may also lead to serious injury or death to our crews.

Don't - Pile leaves around or on top of utility boxes.  The suction on the machines is incredibly powerful and can suck up communication tubes and underground electrical covers possibly damaging the infrastructure and can lead to injuries.

Don't - Pile leaves around mailbox posts and telephone poles.  This makes it more difficult for our crews to pick up the leaves.  Stone beds around mailboxes may be picked up by the machine damaging the stone bed and possibly the equipment.  Piles leaves in the roadway.  This can cause flooding issues if water cannot reach catch basins.  It also increase the potenetial of catch basins becoming clogged under ground which can lead to severe flooding issues and require an emergency response from our crew.

Don't - Rake leaves into the street.  This is a violation of Chapter 50, Article II, Section 50-32 of the South Windsor Code of Ordinances and is punishable by fines up to $99.00.


Paper Bag Collection

Leaf Bag collection will only take place in the private areas such as Lakewood, Victorian Woods, Kebalo Lane, and the private roads off of Austin Circle. Only paper bags will be collected. All public streets will only receive curbside vacuum collection. Please have the bags out at the curb on the above mentioned locations Sunday evening.



Where Can I Bring My Leaves?

Rules for Compost Site on Burgess Road


  • Deposit leaves in the area provided; follow directional signs.
  • Leaves only. No grass clippings or brush.
  • Remove the container used to transport leaves. Plastic bags can be left in the trash barrel provided. Lawn sized paper bags are recyclable and do not need to be emptied.
  • Compost site gate #1 will open October 11, 2019, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week.
  • Compost site will close December 20, 2019, but will re-open April 6, 2020 through May 22, 2020.
  • We will be using Leaf Site #1.  Please look for signage directing you to the site.


Collection District Schedules

The following is the order of collection for areas within each District:

District 1 – Debbie Dr. area, Lawrence Rd. area, Trumbull/Partridge area, Carman/Concord area, Diane Dr. area, Benedict Dr. area, Pine Knob area, Woodland area, main roads (Dart Hill, Avery, Kelly).

District 2 – Perrin La./Rimfield Dr. area, Country View area, Cardinal Way/Ridge Rd, Fairview Dr/Norton La. area, Orchard Hill Dr. area, Gray Rd. area, Birch Hill Dr. area, Tallwood Dr. area, Greenwood/Rainbow area, Mohegan/Ridgefield area, Windy Hill/Kupchunos area, Imperial Dr area, main roads (Beelzebub, Route 74, Dart Hill Rd., Foster St., Oakland Rd.)

District 3 – Main St., Oxbow/Old Parish area, Gorski Dr./Ident Rd. area, Newberry Rd/Colony Rd. area, King St./N King St. area, Hilton Dr. area, Quarry Brook/Northview Dr. area, LeFoll Blvd./Murielle Dr. area, Parkview/Ordway/Davewell/Woodside area, main roads (Pleasant Valley, Ellington Rd., Clark St., Smith St., Chapel Rd., Long Hill Rd., Governor’s Hwy., Beldon Rd., Strong Rd., Foster Rd., West Rd., Route 194)

District 4 – Lake St/Berle Rd area, Abbe Rd. Ext/Windshire area, Wood Pond/Rockledge area, Old Farm/Maskel area, Robert Dr area, Farmstead/Greenfield area, Herman Way/Joseph La area, High St/Skyline Dr. area, Steep Rd/Hillside Dr. area, Morgan Farm area, Sunset Terrace area, Hillsdale/Mountain View area. District 4B-Farnham/Scantic Meadow area, Gordon/Wendy area, Wentworth/Alexander area, Hearthstone/Stonefield area, Bourbon/Saginaw area, Bridlewood/Carriage/Lipman area, Andreis Trail area, main roads (Graham Rd., Nevers Rd., Sand Hill Rd., Miller Rd., Abbe Rd., Foster St. Ext., Niederwerfer Rd., Griffin Rd., Brookfield St., Windsorville Rd., Rye St.).