Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor:

An award to any member for an act of conspicuous gallantry, above and beyond the call of duty, while in a police combat situation and engaged in combat where the recipient’s life is in imminent danger. This award shall be the highest bestowed by the Department.

Medal of Valor

Medal of Valor:

An award to any member for an act of heroism, conspicuous gallantry, or valor while in the performance of duty.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart:

An award to a member who is injured while engaged in a combat situation or other extreme situation in which the officer receives an injury requiring medical treatment.

Distinguished Unit Medal

Distinguished Unit Medal:

An award to members of a unit who work as a team to accomplish a complex investigation, manage a complex, dangerous crime scene or work to bring great credit to the police department.

Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal:

An award to any person who renders a service or performs in a manner that is beyond the ordinary course of duty and is characterized by honor, courage and a dedication to duty in a dangerous or stressful situation. The performance should demonstrate diligence, perseverance, resolution and timely judgment and reflect pride in police work and the Department. The action directly contributes to the protection of life or property, the successful resolution of a significant or dangerous event, the apprehension of an armed or dangerous criminal or the prevention or solving of a major crime.

Lifesaving Medal

Lifesaving Medal:

An award to a member for an act which directly results in the saving of another person’s life. The act must be exemplary in nature and reflect the true spirit of police service.