Justices of the Peace

Mark J Abrahamson603 Dzen Way432-1378[email protected]D 
Philip P Apter2402 Mill Pond Dr644-4858[email protected]D 
Cynthia Beaulieu19 Cody Circle290-8229[email protected]R 
Diane Behler30 Willow St648-0045[email protected]D 
Barbara Brezel43 Nancy Dr289-6293[email protected]U 
Sue Burnham301 Sandstone Dr644-8332[email protected]R 
William A Carroll188 Scott Dr798-6669[email protected]R 
Sirkka S D L Christensen520 Ellington Rd289-0220 U 
Kathleen Soucy Daugherty12 Roy Rd644-8752[email protected]R 
Joan M DeGiacomo58 Edgewood Dr528-0906[email protected]R 
Stephanie Dexter15 Larkspur Lane644-8897[email protected]R 
Debbi Duarte210 Brook St729-6890[email protected]D 
Joseph EtterPO Box 1068644-1311[email protected]R 
Janice Elaine Favreau446 Pleasant Valley Rd978-1681[email protected]D 
Thomas F Griffin454 Avery St644-1031[email protected]D 
Sandra C Jeski32 Davewell Rd436-5914[email protected]D 
David Joy100 Bramblebrae644-4285[email protected]R 
Wayne Kilburn291 Smith St648-1926[email protected]R

PO Box 5  East Windsor Hill, CT  06028

Philip E Koboski1909 Main St282-2918[email protected]R 
Elizabeth Kuehnel110 Wood Pond Dr904-3999[email protected]D 
Elizabeth R McGuire89 Heritage Dr690-1126jpelizabethmcgui[email protected]D 
Lisa M Maneeley326 Quarry Brook Dr212-9975[email protected]R 
Joyce Mascena280 Strong Rd402-7218[email protected]U 
Louise Neary1017 Ellington Rd528-2435[email protected]D 
Paul Oates70 Pleasant Valley Rd528-8220[email protected]R 
John Otto89 Country View Dr432-5292[email protected]U 
John Pelkey446 Pleasant Valley Rd436-7888[email protected]D 
Matthew D Reed45 Ellsworth Circle644-9291[email protected]U 
Kathleen-Mary Sharos25 Allen Dr528-3833[email protected]D 
Richard Stahr130 Gail Lane290-8134[email protected]R 
Matthew Streeter108 Debbie Dr644-6323[email protected]U 
James Howard Throwe1330 Main St289-2318[email protected]D 
Whitney Leanne Thurrott740 Griffin Rd604-9007[email protected]U 
Scott Jason Turco54 Goose Nest528-5611[email protected]U 
Karen Wagner181 Tumblebrook Dr648-4434[email protected]D 
Joan F Walsh14-5 Arthur Dr


[email protected]D