Public Meetings Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public meetings are currently being filmed using Zoom. If the meetings have not been cancelled they will still be able to be watched at their regular time through our public access channel or through our Gmedia portal.

How to tune in:
Cox Subscribers: Channel 16
Frontier Subscribers: Channel 6082

Or click the link below to our Streaming Video Portal where you can watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop anytime.

Public Participation

To particpate in the Public Particpation portion of a meeting, during a meeting you will need to call:

855-925-2801 Meeting Code: N/A
To request to speak enter *3 when prompted.

Please note that the Meeting Code will change each meeting.

Public participation is currently being done by sending an email to the Board/Commission/Council Meeting during the meeting. 

Town Council -
Planning & Zoning -
Inland Wetlands -

Streaming Video Portal

Click this link to access live video, as well as our video archives.