South Windsor Greater Together Community Fund

South Windsor Greater Together Community Fund

The South Windsor Community Fund is a terrific new resource in our community, created earlier this year when our regional community foundation, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, allocated an initial amount of $100,000 to support nonprofits in each of the 29 towns in the Hartford region.  Please see more detailed information here:

The South Windsor Community Fund’s purpose is to involve South Windsor residents in (1) learning about needs and opportunities in town,(2) deciding on priorities for funding to meet those needs, (3) recommending grants to be made from the funds set aside by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, (4) making the entire community aware of community needs and opportunities and (5) inspiring continuing growth in philanthropic giving and volunteer service in our town.

What are the overall responsibilities of a volunteer Advisory Committee Member?

  • Commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of life for all residents of South Windsor
  • Contributing knowledge of needs and opportunities to enhance our community
  • Willingness to learn from others and to work cooperatively to achieve the goals of the Advisory Committee
  • Reliability, absolute respect for confidentiality, and the ability to engage others in creating a great future for South Windsor.

What are the skills and experience volunteers need to serve on the committee?

  • Analysis of problems, opportunities, solutions
  • Communication:  expressing ideas, conveying information, listening for understanding
  • Understanding of and respect for the value of diversity and inclusion of people of very different backgrounds
  • Ability to imagine new approaches, to support experiments which have a reasonable chance of success, and to be objective in considering the merits of competing proposals.

How long does each member serve on the Advisory Committee?

There will be staggered terms to allow for some new volunteers to join at regular intervals; the structure will be decided by the Advisory Committee once it begins meeting in early 2020.

If you would like to volunteer for this committee, please complete the brief application attached and email it to:

Applications will be reviewed and volunteers will be selected during the months of January and February, with a goal of convening the first Advisory Committee meeting in March, 2020. 

Those volunteers who comprise the Advisory Committee will decide on mutually agreeable schedules for meetings and for carrying out the work of the committee.  Ongoing assistance and support for the Advisory Committee will be provided by Doug Shipman of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.